Smart Security Door Lock
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MO-1 Touch Bolt
Product features
  • Easy access via passcode
  • Simple access via card
  • Fingerprint access
  • Easy to open the door simply by pressing the handle from the inside door
  • Holiday mode (Turn-off electronic function)
  • Adjustable automatic lock delay time (5-99 seconds)
Enjoy the convenience of technology
  • Easy to operate with a light touch
  • Can set 32 groups of user passcode
  • Can set 32 groups of user card
  • Adjustable volume (segment adjustment, mute function)
  • Adjustable automatic lock delay time (5-99 seconds)
  • Includes spare key
  • Can be set to channel lock mode (the door lock willnot automatically locked after starting)
Step Up with Home Security
  • With boot code function, avoid borrowing fingerprint residue to crack password.
  • If you enter the password incorrectly four times, the keyboard automatically expires for one minute.
Induction card Features
  • Three-in-one function: card, password, key
  • 4 in 1 function: fingerprint, card, password, key
  • Induction buckle (sold separately)
Technical Specifications
MO-1 Touch Bolt
Code capacity 32 (4~8 digits each)
Access card capacity 1 (1 set  4~8 digits)
Key + Touch card 2
Dimensions: Exterior lock assembly: 349mm × 79mm x 63mm
Interior lock assembly: 349mm x 79mm x 70mm
Finish Two-tone Black and Silver
Door bore hole Please refer to installation requirements
Door Thickness 45mm〜85mm (Standard)
Backset 70mm (Standard)
Key backlight color Blue
Dark latch function With or without dark latch
Power supply 4 pcs. AA 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included)
Operating temperature -35℃ to 66℃ (Temperature tolerance could vary due to different weather conditions)