OKM Ground Metal Detectors
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OKM Rover C4

Metal Detector, Treasure Detector and 3D Ground Scanner

OKM improved the metal detection technology of the Rover Series and created the Rover C4. With this metal detector and 3d ground scanner we simplify your treasure hunting experience. We combined three former OKM detectors (Rover C, Rover C II and Rover Gold) into Rover C4.
This treasure detector is easy to handle via touch screen. It can detect lost treasures (coins, rings, jewelry etc.) as well as void structures (tunnels, caves, chambers, sepulchers etc.). The detector is also equipped with an innovative LED orbit, that indicates underground targets visually. While scanning the ground this LED sphere emits colored light to visualize detected metals and cavities.
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Additional features of the Rover C4 are:

Supported operating modes: Ground Scan, Pin Pointer, Mineral Scan, Magnetometer
Graphical user interface in many different languages
Operational touch screen with alternative hardware buttons
Multilevel LED lighting to operate the detector in dark environments
Wireless data transfer
4 separated memory areas to store recorded measuring data
Standard Probe and Super Sensor with innovative LED orbit

Ground scanning with metal detector Rover C4
One of the most versatile operating modes in our 3d metal detectors is Ground Scan. This function is used to scan a rectangular area to obtain measuring data from underground structures and objects.
Detectable items that can be found with our 3d ground scanner Rover C4 are:

Lost treasures and hidden precious metals
treasure chests, gold coins, jewelry, silverware, statues, general valuables, buttons, medals, ...
Underground voids and cavities
tunnels, graves, chambers, cellars, sepulchers, dugouts, shelters, bunkers, ...
Natural gold minerals
gold ore, gold deposits, gold veins, ...
By walking over the field in a certain manner (Parallel or Zig-Zag) the treasure hunter scans the area of interest. With all recorded data the Visualizer 3D software creates a 3d image that represents all detected underground objects. Thus you know where and how deep the located treasures are in the ground.
3D data analysis with Visualizer 3D software
All data that has been recorded with the Rover C4 metal detector during a ground scan or mineral scan can be transferred to the Visualizer 3D software to process a detailed three-dimensional analysis.
During this analysis you can

Identify potential objects and hidden treasures
You will see the targets represented by different colors. The color information will tell you if it is a ferrous metal (iron, steel, ...), precious metal (gold, silver, bronze, copper, ...) or a void structure (cave, tunnel, grave, chamber, ...).
Determine position and depth
The software shows the position of the detected anomalies and - according to the chosen soil - how deep the target is buried in the ground.
Calculate object dimensions
Next to the depth information Visualizer 3D can also calculate the dimensions of hidden targets and buried items.
With all those information the treasure hunter can easily recover lost treasures, hidden artifacts or ancient items. Contact our support team to get more information about the Rover C4 metal detector.
Certification Labels:
Made in Germany
Wireless Data Transmission
Compliance with CE policies
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