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JM-301  Smart Security Door Lock

Guaranteed securities
  • Real Taiwan core developed and manufactured in Taiwan
  • Provides technical service, giving you worry free
  • Components are made of metal
  • Quality guaranteed price
  • PORA cares for your security
Induction card
Mifare proximity card mechanism using ultra-thin sticker sensor chip security-like Easy card, bank Card for easy entrance.

Product features
  • Holds up to 20 access Codes
  • Sturdy Full metal design
  • Records 50 Cards
  • Water-proof and anti-humid features
  • 5-Beaded grade protective key
  • Safest European style mortise lock
  • Latest Color in plating-Rose gold and black; Anti-COrrosive tested for 90 hours.
  • Can be expanded to have Smoke and fire Sensors
  • Can be linked to RS-485 and Wireless ZIGBEE netWork
  • Anti-shock circuit design Anti-fire proof Certification; CE certification
  • Random password function to prevent intruders from checking numbers
  • Power: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, can Connect external power Supply, Uses 4/8 pieces of #3 AA alkaline batteries to supply power, and 9V battery for emergency charging.
  • DureSS mode function Automatic/Manual locking function
  • Full voice guide (can choose Mandarin, English, or Taiwanese)
  • Alarm (to be unlocked by authorized open door)
    a. An alarm will Sound for forced invasion or forced destruction of the door.
    b. 3 times unauthorized use of open door, the alarm sounds and the door automatically locks!
    C. Double beep every 10 seconds if door does not completely close.
Technical Specifications
Open Code 20 codes 4- 12 digit code combinations
Induction Cards 50 sets (MIFARE induction card mechanism)
76mm x 367mm x 40mm outer panel
172mm X367mmX84mm Outer panel(including door handle)
76mm x 367mm x 30mm inner panel
172mmX367mm X76mm inner panel(including door handle)
Door Thickness 36mm-90mm
Lock box Specifications (1)Lightweight - Latch lock box specifications
(2)Heavy duty - Four cylindrical latch lock box
Products Specs (1) 3-in 1 Lightweight JM-L301
(2) 3-in-1 Heavy duty JM-H301
Battery 8 pcs. AA alkaline batteries (4 pcs. can already provide power) 12V lithium external power