NDT Instrument
Pencil Hardness Tester Pen-10
Pen-10 (Made in Taiwan)
Weight: 500g/ 765g/ 1000g (Multi-loading weights for 3-way use)
  1. Put the instrument on film specimen (If the film specimen is smaller than the instrument, please take the film specimen to the front of instrument, then put the setting block at the bottom in order to maintain level of the instrument.
  2. Sharpen the pencil until approximately 3~5mm of lead is exposed, and rub it on sandpaper until a flat edge is achieved. Insert the pencil into the tester with the tip of the pencil resting on the surface of the film and lock the pencil in place (If the pencil is a hexagon, pick one side to fix. After test, turn two to fix, and then turn again. It can test 3 times in one circumference). Remove the setting block when doing the test.
  3. Use your thumb and middle fingers to hold the wheel hubs of the tester. Push the hardness tester back to front at a distance of 1~2cm then remove it. Next, you can use eraser to erase the drawn film (Please do not add any pressure to push the tester).
  4. Check the surface for scratches. Test procedure can be repeated up at least 3 times to obtain the average value.
Degree of Hardness (From soft to hard)
  • Hardness H – there is no scratch on surface
  • Hardness 2H – there is no scratch on surface
  • Hardness 3H – there has scratch on surface
Standard set: