Precision Oven

Precision Oven

We offer Precision Oven and Dry Oven with high quality in Taiwan for many years.

As one of the leading industrial oven manufacturer in Taiwan, we provide upper-grade ovens to fulfill customers' needs. Precision Oven can be widely applied to manufacturing and test of foods, cosmetics, electronics, metals, and is best for labortories, optics, hardwares. High accuracy Precision Oven achieves enables a stable adjustment process for products to dry.

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Research Institution, School, Factory, Quality Control Laboratory Electron, Electric, Electric Machinery, Hardware, Plastic, etc.

  1. Warm Air Convection, quite, durable, excellent temperature uniformity, and high thermal efficiency
  2. PID Micro-Machine High-Precision Temperature Controller. Easy to set and reach the temperature stably.
  3. Heat insulation with high thermal efficiency, light, low thermal consumption, heat up rapidly, save energy.
  4. You can choose either to count time or not. Attach with West Germany High Temperature Power Failure Protector.
  5. Adopt Silicone packing, safe, hygienic and no pollution.

Model MAO-45 MAO-60
Chamber Size
D40×H40×W45cm D50×H60×W50cm
Overall Size
D56×H90×W56cm D60×H1112×W60cm
Circulating Fan

Warm Air Circulation. SSR No-Contact Control System.

Temp. Controller

PID Micro-Machine calculates automatically. LED double Display Touch Panel.

Temp. Range 40°C~250°C
Precision ±0.2°C~0.4°C Spread±1°C
Sensor Type Pt100 Platinum Sensor
Airflow Method Horizontal Louvered Fan. Uniform the temperature.
Material Outer: Galvanized Steel Plate with High Temperature Finish. Inner: SUS-304 Stainless Steel Plate
Material of Heat Adopt imported Mineral Wool. No Pollution.
Window Double Reinforced Glasses 200×300mm
  1. 999m Digital LED Display.
  2. It can be used continuously.
  3. Start to clock when reach to setting. When time’s up, heating stops and alarm rings. Ringing stops after 6 seconds automatically.
Safety Gear

Self-Diagnose Function. Devices to prevent irregular, Overheat, and Electric Leakage

Airflow Motor

High-Temperature Resist Long Shaft Motor (up to 40 W), with Heat Sink and Fan, not easy to be burned and can be used for long.

Power 220V 60HZ 10A 220V 60HZ 15A
Capacity 72L 150L
Attachment 2 Palings (SUS-304 Steel Plates) 3 Palings (SUS-304 Steel Plates)
You can lift or lower the movable palings and frisket at random.
Weight About 50kg About 70kg